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Here are some of my animations - they might make you laugh, they might make you cry, they might make you throw up. Enjoy!

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Carrot Mystery E-card

If this carrot could talk, what would it say? Maybe it would say something romantic? Maybe it has a story to tell? You can send it to your friends.

Gettin About

An innovation in transportation - using slugs, some glue, a plank, and a shoe.

This piece was bought by Atomfilms.


A discussion between two things. Who knows what they are talking about - not me, that's for sure.

Burnin Pon

What is a Pon? Why is he setting fire to an egg? Why???

This piece was commissioned by a TV company. It was too weird for them so they never used it.

Lorraine Kelly, Daft Bint on the Telly

Ooh, that Lorraine Kelly! Gorgeous. Oh, I'm so busy.