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Here are some of my games - have fun!

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Arseteroids is a game that I made for my day job. It's rather like the classic Asteroids game but with arses in space! Oh, and there are alien flying saucers who shoot boxing gloves at you. According to a focus group of gerbils, it's funny and addictive!

Big Hair Salon


Developed for Red Nose Day 2003. The theme this year is THE BIG HAIR DO - so this game involves building a large, wobbly hairstyle!

Farting Nun Organ


A wondrous musical novelty! A quartet of flatulent nuns fart in tune, for your delight and amusement.

Why not 'sing along' with a self-inflating whoopee cushion! CLICK HERE!

It's a timeless classic, now with self-inflating  capability!

Arse Race

The noble sport of Arse Racing, reproduced in miniature for your enjoyment.

This game was Daily Mirror SITE OF THE DAY on 8th Sept 2000, on SillyJokes web site.

It also features in FHM's 100 Greatest Online Games.


Fartmatic 5000

An accurate clinical simulation of the build up and discharge of gas in the digestive tract. Actually I'm lying, you just turn the dials and it makes farty noises.

This game was Daily Mirror SITE OF THE DAY on 25th July 2000, on SillyJokes web site.



The ancient game of Scissors, Paper, Stone - featuring Joe Doh.