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I am the Chridmeister. This is my old stuff from years ago! Why not play some games, watch some animations, or read the old abandoned blog.

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Arse Race is ten years old!!!

Arse Race was born some time around May 2001.. it’s amazing how time flies. Over the years, I’ve been toying with the idea of making a sequel, and that idea has never gone away, but there are a number of … Continue reading


Pototo chipes

By the gods.. what chipes be these?


Patch's Parp Pandemonium

Patch's Parp Pandemonium

Patch's Parp Pandemonium is a panda fart simulator. It combines hand crafted fart samples with analogue modelling synthesis to create a rich, warm panda fart experience.

Click here to visit Patch's Parp Pandemonium at The Green Marine's website.

OH SNAP!!! Arse Race Tshirts are BACK!!!

Arse Race tshirt

After a long abscence, Chridmeister merchandise is back! Now you can finally buy that Arse Race tshirt that you've been hankering after.

Click here to browse the shirts

Latest game - ARSETEROIDS


Arseteroids is rather like the classic Asteroids game but with arses in space! Oh, and there are alien flying saucers who shoot boxing gloves at you. According to a focus group of gerbils, it's funny and addictive!

It has a nifty high score feature - you can display your score on forums, blogs, or MySpace like this:

safe for work!!

Click here to play ARSETEROIDS!

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